Knowing how to properly study the Word is key, as well as having a good foundation of doctrinal and theological understanding.  This is a brief list of books that our leaders read to help give them a good foothold and a basis for understanding. (This will change from time to time depending on the current books that are out.)

Entire Study Bible including study information. (This takes time and should be done while reading the other books on the list).

Hermeneutics by: Virkler

Doctrine by: Driscoll

Crazy Love by: Chan

Mere Christianity by: Lewis

The Story of God by: Lodahl

The Case for Christ by: Strobel

Flimsy Ministry by: Seidel

The Radical Reformission by: Driscoll

The Abolition of Man by: Lewis

The Monkey and the Fish by: Gibbons

Forgotten God by: Chan

The Case for Faith by: Strobel

Experiencing God by: Blackaby