What to Expect
Expect a laid back atmosphere where the Word of God is taught and people accept each other as if they were all from the same maternal family.  Expect to see some teasing, tattoos, piercings, bad hair, t-shirts, blue jeans, and Bibles.  Everyone is welcome to come and learn about Jesus here, and we mean everyone.  From the babies still in the womb, to the person stepping out of the cab straight from prison, to the elderly, all are truly welcome and invited.

We like to dig deep into the Word.  While we will time from time take on a particular topic, for the most part we pick a book of the Bible, grab some gloves and a shovel, and dig in.  It can sometimes take a while to get through that book, but we believe that church is where we go to learn and to grow, and we feel that people grow best where they are challenged.

Mission Mindset
We are a missionally minded church.  This can mean many different things depending on whom you talk to.  What we mean when we talk about being a missional church is that we are movers, not just sitters.  We encourage our church to serve each other and our community because “as you did it one of the lease of these my brothers, you did it to me” (Matthew 25:40b).  Jesus didn’t say “bring people to me so that I can save them.”  He went out and met them where they were.  We truly believe that God wants our community to be transformed for His glory. Make no mistake; helping and starting a revolution here can result in changing the world for the kingdom of God.